Defacto Pyramid


Defacto Pyramid:

*Pyramid: 31.7g Silver / 1.2g Gold

*Chain: 16.2g Silver

( Inspired by the German Villamar's "La Mana" Pyramid which is made of stone, about ten inches high and older than 12,000 years. It was found 1984 in the jungles of Ecuador along with 300 other artifacts. But there’s a lot more to this piece, the stone is black and white with thirteen levels of a brick pyramid engraved into it. It looks exactly like the Pyramid with the shining eye on the US 1$ bill. There is also a cleverly inlaid eye at the top of the pyramid, which glows under ultraviolet blacklight and is magnetic. On the bottom of this pyramid you have an inlay in little gold plates showing the Orion star constellation, and writing which has been named Pre-Sanskrit because it is older than the oldest writing. The translation of these four letters is: “The son of the creator comes. )

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