Sammy Baptista

"I Love This Game"


He has been inspiring skateboarders since he stepped into the spotlight at 15 years old sponsored by top brands like Shorty's, Diamond, Venture, Primitive, and Skate Sauce. His debut part in the iconic Shorty’s video “Fulfill the Dream,” jumped started his professional skateboarding career and won "best video", "best team" in the Transworld awards. He's Appeared in magazines like Thrasher, Transworld, The Skateboard Mag, Slap,Skateboarder. Shooting photos and filming videos is  something he has been doing his entire career as he traveled all over the world doing contests, demos and having fun. After raising the bar and pushing boundaries everyday as he filmed for video parts for years he has decided to step away from professional skateboarding in order to pursue his other projects. So as a way to pay homage to his contribution to skateboarding we created some limited edition skateboards and sweatpants for people to enjoy.



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